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French market of EES

The French market of EES has been estimated to b€ 10.5 in 2015 (energy supply excluded), and to b€ 13.4 by including energy supply services, and could be split in 3 main segments: – b€ 0.4 generated through asset analysis services – b€ 1.7 generated thanks to engineering studies; – and b€ 11.3 through operation, installation and maintenance. It has increased of 14.4% (energy supply included) compared to 2013.

Industrial sector
The industrial sector encompasses a diversity of sub-segments for which the energy efficiency challenges are variable and depend on several factors such as the size of the sites, their energy consumption (and their share in the overall costs), the potential of energy savings… In addition, in the industrial sector, energy efficiency can concern different components of the value chain (utility, process, building …) involving persons at different levels & positions in a same site or company (general means, legal and financial support …) that do not necessarily have the same objectives and levels of information.